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"The intellectual knowledge of eternal things pertains to wisdom; the rational knowledge of temporal things, to science." - St. Augustine

Education is the way to a Gentleman; However, it is conversation that completes him." - Jamison

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Trinity Tech offers a wide range of degree programs for Associate, Bachelor, and Master degree levels. Select the degree that most interests you to learn more about the associated majors.

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Trinity Technical College’s mission is to provide busy professionals with an alternative opportunity to continue their education and advance their careers without disrupting their current lifestyles and schedules. Trinity Technical students have the freedom to earn their degree completely online. Some programs can be completed in as little as 24 Months!

We take pride in being a small technical college that has been serving the needs of our community since our inception in 1991. Over the past 16 years, Trinity Tech has evolved to educate based upon a cutting edge curriculum based on our students' needs.

Trinity Technical College has proven ideal for many people seeking advanced education because of the wide range of Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees offered through diverse fields, including business, arts and most technical fields.

The hallmark of education is found in Trinity's virtual campus - a learning community characterized by technological excellence, educational innovation and personal enrichment. We utilize an online education network in order to provide prompt and convenient service to meet the needs of people from all backgrounds.


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